Wood Wax Finish Transparent

OSMO Wood Wax Finish Transparent is a high solid, semi transparent, oil and wax combination, suitable for timber or cork flooring as well as timber furniture such as shelving, doors, architraves and paneling. Also suitable for children’s toys, cots, bassinets and playpens.

In Australia, we hold stocks of 7 Wood Wax Finish Transparent colours – Ebony (3161), Walnut (3166), Cognac (3143), Dove Blue (3151), Oak (3164), Mahogany (3138) and White (3111). Other colours are available for order ex Germany. To view the full range of colours available, please click here.

Coverage rates are excellent with a 2.5 litre can covering approximately 50 – 60 square metres – depending on density of timber.

For a light transparent colour, one coat of Wood Wax Finish Transparent may be sufficient. For a deeper colour, two coats may be needed. Two thin coats of Polyx oil should then be applied over over the Woodwax Finish.

Easy to maintain with any plant based soap and OSMO’s liquid wax cleaner. Like all OSMO products, Wood Wax Finish Transparent is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes. It is food safe, and stain resistant once cured.

For interior use only.

Can Sizes / Coverage

  • 0.75 litres – 9 sqm with 2 coats
  • 2.5 litres – 30 sqm with 2 coats