Wood Wax Finish Creativ

  • Transparent to opaque and matt to light satin depending on number of coats
  • Especially recommended for furniture and childrens’ toys as well as walls, ceilings, doors, mouldings and edge-glued panels
  • Wood Wax Finish Creativ is water-repellent, dirt-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to stains
  • Number of coats: 1 coat for a matt, transparent finish, 2 coats for a light satin, opaque finish

In Australia, we hold stocks of 2 Wood Wax Finish Creativ colours – Black (3169) and Snow (3188). Other colours are available for order ex Germany. To view the full range of colours available, please click here.

Can Sizes / Coverage

  • 0.75 litres – 9 sqm with 2 coats
  • 2.5 litres – 30 sqm with 2 coats