Polyx Oil Anti-Slip


Clear professional wood finish which uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in one single product:
3088 Osmo Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip: The material is characterised by a smooth and even but anti-slip surface.
With this product you can achieve a slip resistance of class R9.
3089 Osmo Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip EXTRA: The material is characterised by an especially slip-resistant surface.
Special additives give a structure to the dry finish and help to achieve a slip resistance according to class R11.
Osmo Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip is dirt-resistant and waterrepellent.
Easy to apply – no sanding required – saves money and time.
Micro-porous, does not crack, peel or flake. Resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water according to DIN 68861-1A. It is safe for humans, animals and plants when dry.