Polyx®-Oil 2K

Satin-matt, 2 component Hardwax-Oil for professionals, no VOC, no water – 100% soild, also suitable for tropical/dark wood species.

Osmo Polix-Oil 2K Pure is appropriate for application on domestic and commercial floors. It has improved formula and 2-component structure, which enhances the well-known benefits of the sealants from the oil and wax type. The product is made of natural oils and waxes, i.e. sunflower oil, soyabean oil, carnauba wax, etc. It is mixed with solvent free aliphatic Polyisocyanate, to create the fast drying and extremely resistant Osmo Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure. At 20 °C room temperature, the product dries in 4 hours, which makes it extremely suitable for domestic properties and even more convenient for commercial applications.

Can Sizes / Coverage

  • 1 litre / approx. 30-40 sqm with two coats