Good for people and the environment.

Many customers would like to have environmentally friendly and safe products; however, at the same they still require good processing properties and a good value for money. Osmo is good for wood, good for people and good for the environment.

The production of wood products and finishes in our own plants in Germany provides transparency and security in all phases of the production process. Short transport ways improve the environmental performance of our products. But also craftsmanship is a valuable contribution to environmental protection due to the fact that the long lifetime of wood and wood finishes saves valuable resources.

Natural Oils and Waxes

The basis of our wood finishes is formed by plant oils and waxes, in other words by sustainable raw materials: sunflower, linseed, soybean and thistle oils as well as waxes. Our extensively cleaned pigments have been approved for use in the food industry. By using wood finishes from Osmo, your customers have chosen a natural and environmentally friendly protection for the valuable resource wood.

assortment of oils and waxes