Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions about Osmo finishes on our FAQ page! Get the information you need to make the most of our durable and beautiful products.

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  1. My kwila outdoor patio setting has gone grey after 2 years outside in the weather. What can I do to bring the colour back?

  2. Can I use Osmo finishes on top of other finishes?

  3. I have just put down a new hardwood deck. How should I treat it?

  4. What would happen if I did use Osmo over another finish?

  5. What would you recommend for my Oak/Pine/Spruce Floor?

  6. What is the drying and curing time?

  7. Can I use Osmo finishes on veneered wood?

  8. What product would you recommend for my veneered Oak internal door?

  9. Why has the finish not dried?

  10. I'm looking for a clear/natural finish for exterior use, what would you recommend?

  11. How long will the finish last externally?

  12. How do I renovate?

  13. What happens if I damage part of my floor?

  14. How many coats do I need to apply to protect my wood?

  15. Can I apply any more than two coats?

  16. What is the drying time for Osmo finishes?

  17. Can I speed up the drying time?

  18. How do I clean the rollers or brushes?

  19. Can I use white spirit?

  20. Which product do you recommend to stain my floor?

  21. What is the difference between Wood Wax Finish Transparent and Polyx Oil Tints?

  22. Can I achieve an opaque or solid colour effect with any of your finishes?

  23. Are the Osmo finishes compatible with silicone sealants?

  24. How do I prepare the wood surface for using Osmo?

  25. Can I spray apply any of your Osmo products?

  26. Can I get a glossy finish with any of your products?

  27. Can I enhance the sheen on my satin finish?

  28. I have applied a satin finish and now I would like a matt finish, is this possible?

  29. Where are Osmo products made and how?

  30. Are your products certified?

  31. How do I apply the finish?

  32. How do I apply the Osmo Professional Oils?

  33. You don't have the colour I'm looking for, can I mix colours?

  34. Why does the wood look patchy after applying your finish?